DAY ONE January 7, 2017 of Jericho Drive around Texas border.

Scheduled Seminars 2017 - 
FOR YOUR LIFE Teachings:

​​​​October 6 - 10
Ruidoso, NM

​November 10-14, 2017

Kansas City, KS

​November 29-Dec. 2
​Lampasas, TX


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DAY THREE January 9, 2017

We need your help so we can help others.

Jolene supports an orphanage in Mexico providing life-changing supplies and love.

About Jolene....
Jolene was healed from multiple diseases.  Her own healing has led her to teach others how to receive their healing

Jolene's Schedule


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travel around the state on their Jericho Drive!

DAY FOUR January 10, 2017

DAY TWO January 8, 2017


Principles taught through a FOR YOUR LIFE program are in cooperation with BE IN HEALTH ministries. To connect with Be In Health, learn of events and how to become a partner.


I was healed of Dry Eye Syndrome after receiving ministry from Jolene for fear.  Once the fear was gone, I haven't needed even one eye drop...Learn More

Also visit....I am Changed

Heart of Forgiveness Ministry  is an international ministry called to share how forgiveness is the first step in reconciliation with God, self and others, bringing healing not only to relationships but also to the body.  Jolene's vision is to take, not only God's love and forgiveness, but God's saving, healing and delivering power to those in need, wherever they are.