About Jolene McCord, Founder

 In 1991 God healed me of Lymphoma Cancer by the laying on of hands, but later was healed of other illnesses when I began to understand the power of forgiveness.  Since that time God has given me a strong desire to share my testimony and to minister to others about the Lord’s healing powers and His greatness. I founded Heart of Forgiveness Ministry as a vehicle by which to teach and instruct my cherished brothers and sisters in Christ, about the Father’s Love, and how to walk in forgiveness.  The ministry is about transparency and the restoration of our relationship with God, ourselves and others.  It involves repentance, taking responsibility, deliverance, and separating ourselves and others from the sins and lies of the enemy.
            The Word of God says faith comes by hearing, and I have found that our faith is stimulated by not just hearing the Word but also by sharing our testimonies with others.  I have spoken at several churches, and organizations.  I have ministered in Mexico at a number of churches and in men’s prisons, and where Heart of Forgiveness now supports a small orphanage. 


         I was raised Catholic and as an adult I joined the Episcopal Church, but I was confused about healing for today. Some of the diseases that I have been healed of and share testimony of during my teachings are: Non-Hodgkins Lumphoma cancer; Poly-malalgia rheumatic, herpes, chronic pain from a broken back, IBS, leveling of hormones, Gillian Barre, night terrors for over 40 years, migraine headaches, allergies and God even performed a  creative miracle by giving me a functioning thyroid after being on thyroid medication for almost 40 years.  The Lord also healed me of bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, a spirit of Matriarchal control and guilt.  I believe that all of my healings came from a repentant heart reaching for sanctification.  God’s greatest desire is for us to be made whole on all levels; with Him, ourselves and others. 
            I encourage you to call me if you have any questions about my ministry.  Not only do I minister by phone to people from all over the Unites States, in late 2015 the Lord laid on my heart to start holding Sunday morning church services in Lampasas because those attending For Your Life teachings, needed disciplining after attending a teaching.  My husband supports my ministry and is my spiritual covering as is our pastor. 
          My work history before I began my ministry was mostly in the fashion industry.  I previously owned a modeling school, modeling agency and a cosmetic line called Jolene & Company in Houston during the 1980's.  During the 1990’s I owned and operated Jolene's Jems, a nationally known costume jewelry company, which was sold to department stores and boutiques.   For the last 10 years I have raised American Quarter Horses.  
​Jolene may be reached at 512-556-0611.  


        As I lead For Your Life teachings in an increasing number of cities, minister to more and more people, and as the recipients of my email teaching continues to grow; some questions with reoccurring themes have come up. How did Heart of Forgiveness Ministry come to be; what all is it involved in; and what does it believe and teach?
        In 2007, while attending a church in Lampasas, I was asked to lead a Bible study group called "the healing team". I began by teaching on what I had learned from a For My Life seminar held by Pastor Henry W. W​right, PhD of Thomaston, GA. We began delving into the word of God and learning how to apply His word into our daily life for our spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. Several of the people attending this study group wanted to undertake a mission trip to Mexico. A trip was organized in the fall of 2007 to Cuidad Victoria. We visited several small villages during this seven day trip, leading people through the ministry of the Father's love and teaching on forgiveness. Every day we were blessed by witnessing God's glory through His healing power. On the last two evenings of our trip we visited a church in a village some 30 miles from Victoria. The pastor (Luis) and his wife (Lucy) also managed a small and very poor orphanage. My love and compassion for these sweet children was instant and fierce.

        In the weeks ​following our return, the  Lord laid upon my heart to find a means in which to help Pastor Luis and the orphanage. With encouragement from my mentors, friends and family, a constitution and bylaws were written, a board of directors established, all legal forms filed, and in early 2008 Heart of Forgiveness Ministries, a 501C non-profit corporation, was born. Since its establishment and by the grace of God and your generous support, the ministry has been able to help the orphanage in many areas. The accomplishments are huge and the list lengthy, so I have listed them at the end. PLEASE take the time to read it.
          During this same period Heart of Forgiveness Ministries evolved into something more than just a vehicle to support Pastor Luis and the orphanage, I began emailing a daily teaching on God's word and how it applies to our daily life. Beginning with fewer than a dozen recipients this mailing is now approaching 1000 and growing. All questions and comments on each teaching are answered daily. With increasing frequency I have been called to teach a four or five day, For Your Life seminar. This is a teaching that is based on what God says he wants for us (“to prosper and be in good health”), and how our choices and yet even our thoughts can block His desire for us.
          3 John 1:2-4 (NKJV) 2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
          To date, I average about 10-12 teachings a year across the country. I've been blessed to have been able to bring the message of God's love, redemption, and forgiveness to the east and west coast of Canada, Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Tennessee, Mexico and numerous cities in Texas. As of late, I have even been able to share the word of His grace and love in Germany.  Heart of Forgiveness has purchased Pastor Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way, printed in Spanish and distributed throughout Mexico. The ministry provides Bibles to those who are in need, even printed in Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese. The ministry also supports a food bank for the Huasteca Indians near the town of Matlapa, and provides outreach to those in need in our local area when able. Though sometimes it seems a daunting task, God has always afforded me the strength and finances to do His work. As you can see, there are many facets to Heart of Forgiveness Ministry. The core of which is teaching about God's redemption, love and forgiveness to those held captive, and showing them the direct relationship between spiritual and physical illness, to empower them to be doers of the Word of God for their life and their health.

About Jolene McCord