Accomplishments at the Orphanage

2008 to Present

  • In 2013, along with Jerry and Carla Mansee Ministries and Sus Manos Eglasious Ministry (directed by Dave Slack) we helped purchase the land and building the orphanage is on. Its previous owner was retiring and returning to the U.S.  Without this purchase the orphanage would have closed.
  • Help build a new kitchen.
  • Remodeled, enlarged and upgraded dormitories and bathrooms. 
  • Dug a new well and added a filtration system.
  • Paid for the children’s school tuition, uniforms, shoes and supplies annually.
  • Bought a freezer and strive to supply it with meat twice a year.
  • Run annual food and clothing drives and have taken trailer loads to them.
  • Organized local (Texas) women to make quilts for each child.
  • Purchased new mattress pillows and bedding for each child.​
  • Bought a small flock of sheep for the children to raise and produce meat.
  • Paid for the construction of a large chicken coop to raise their own chickens and have fresh eggs.
  • Collected and delivered over 12 sewing machines, bolts of fabric, and notions, so a local missionary could teach the children and some local women to sew. In hopes of starting a cottage industry.
  • Send monies and gifts each year for the children’s Christmas
  • Aided in Pastor Luis’ education so the orphanage could be licensed to have its own school.
  • Supplied cookware, flatware and plates for the kitchen.
  • Paid college tuition for two of the children.
  • Purchased a washer and dryer and new refrigerator. 
  • Helped finance the construction of a school.​
  • Supplied hand tools and irrigation material for gardening.

With all the improvements the orphanage is now permitted to house up to 50 children versus 20. Pastor Luis has been certified to head an onsite school. Finishing touches to the building are being done as I write.  Of course with the increase in children comes the increase in expense.  I thank you in advance for your ongoing support.  Because of the political unrest and continuing cartel violence I have not been able to visit the orphanage nor ship supplies across the border for three years. Heart of Forgiveness is still very much involved in the financial support of the Orphanage, however all logistics are handled by Dave Slack and Jerry and Carla Mansee Ministries, whom reside in Mexico.  I pray that the violence eases so I may once again see my orphanage family.


Located in Cuidad Victoria, Mexico

Pastor Luis Vacquez and his wife Lucy, head up the orphanage and school.

Orphanage Support

Why does Heart of Forgiveness support this Orphanage?

        Heart of Forgiveness Ministry was started after a mission trip in 2007 to Cuidad Victoria, Mexico after visiting a small orphanage outside the city.  Jolene fell in love with the children and with the Pastor and his wife who ran the orphanage.  Jolene wanted to be able to support the home, help with doctor bills, purchase clothing, pay for school fees, and uniforms along with sending the older ones to the university.  She wanted to help the orphanage be able to generate an income, and as funds started to come in, Jolene purchased sheep, paid for fencing, and paid for a chicken and a hen house so that they would have fresh eggs and meat.  Jolene also purchased garden equipment so that they could grow their own produce. 

        The vision of Heart of Forgiveness Ministry is not only to assist the orphanage, but also let people know that God loves them and to learn to love themselves, forgive themselves and others that have hurt them. Jolene believes that through personal hands-on ministry, and teaching others how to minister, more people can come to know God in a personal way and come to change their thinking to line up with what God says about them instead of what the enemy has been telling them. Jolene believes that one touch from God can change a person's life forever and heal a lifetime of hurts. She believes that God's love in us and flowing through us will NEVER FAIL and she would like to see others know her “Father God” the way she does!