​Healed of Parkinson’s Disease
Barbara Moschilli-Hauntsman -- Healed of Parkinson's Disease
December 2015

     I was in bad health, in an unloving relationship, had a broken heart and I hated myself.  I also had unresolved rejection, extreme abandonment issues which led me to hope deferred and hopelessness; I was diagnosed in 2007 with Parkinson’s Disease, it had gotten worse by 2011.  I attended a For Your Life Teaching in Lampasas, TX,  January 9-13, 2013.  On January 13, in the afternoon, God healed me and replaced my broken heart.  I no longer have Parkinson’s and have not been sick since that day.  It is only by God’s Grace and Mercy and thru His Son, Jesus my Lord and Savior, that I am healed, they get all the Glory and Praise.  I thank Jolene all the time for being a willing vessel for God and teaching His Word, delivered by Jesus Christ. 

Healed of Multiple Sclerosis

LaDell Walker -- Healed of Multiple Sclerosis
September 2017

       Hallelujah, what a difference Father has make in my life in 3 years! In 2014 I was battling 2 autoimmune diseases, and was living from one blood infusion to the next. My body had stopped making its own hemoglobin. With a feeling of total helplessness, I told my Father God, “I have no idea what is in store for me, but I know You are my one and only hope. I am Yours, just please use me. Let whatever happens with my life, even if it ends, bring glory to You.”
       My doctor suggested an intense amount of Prednisone, but at my behest held off because I wanted to know a medical reason for my illness. The drugs would have altered the test results, so the testing was begun. I had no idea what I was inviting. My fever plagued and weakened body. I  endured tests for everything from Parvo to heavy metals. Finally I came to the realization that apparently God didn’t want me to know the medical cause, He wanted me to more totally depend on Him than ever before.
       After 5 months of tests, with no results, I started 60 mg of Prednisone per day. Surely this was not God’s plan either! About four months into the treatment, my blood count was high enough that I had the strength to leave the house for something more than blood infusions. I signed up for a For Your Life Teaching which Jolene McCord had scheduled in our hometown of Lampasas. The emotionally difficult act of filling out the intake form brought me even more at the mercy of Father God. He had a plan for me. He wanted me to know the sin issue that was allowing illness.
       Although I had spent my life repenting, I always fell back into sinful behaviors. But I had never understood why. Total victory seemed unattainable. All the church services and Bible Studies I had attended never told me there is more – I needed to repent, not only of my sins, but those of my ancestors. With this teaching, I learned that the diseases that plagued my body, even those that “run in my family” are the results of sin going all the way back to the fall of Adam and Eve. This was thsoe “generational curses” I read about in my Bible. Now, I learned that God does not want to just heal me, “He doesn’t want me to be sick in the first place!” God tells us in Hosea 4:6, “My people perish from lack of knowledge.”
       That four days of Teaching in February 2015 began the process of peeling away the layers of sin, like peeling an onion. The spirits of fear, unforgiveness, and anger had maintained a stronghold on my life that allowed disease to eat away at my body. The unforgiveness and anger had been directed at myself all those years because I couldn’t be as perfect as I wanted to be. The fear of man and fear of failure came from my fear of rejection and all the fears that my ancestors carried.
       Now I know, that the root of the first autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis that had attacked my body off and on since I was in my early 20s, was the spirit of unforgiveness of self. This served to intensify as I reached my early sixties when the second autoimmune disease brought me to total weakness and ultimate deliverance.
       I thank God for walking me through to this awareness. I now attend a church called Heart of Forgiveness. What a ministry! God forgave all our sins through the death of His son Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us He remembers our sins no more. How foolish of us to not forgive ourselves! God isn’t finished with me yet. He is still peeling away the layers. But the odor of that juicy onion is apparent. He’s getting me there, thanks be to Jesus!

Healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Linda Veselka -- Healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis

April 2019

I was healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis at the first Living It Workshop held in April 2019 in Lampasas, TX. RA is an auto-immune disease and in my case it came on suddenly in May 2012. I had determined before I attended the Living It that I was going to receive and accept by faith my healing. I now look back and realize I was healed before then, but fear and self-rejection kept me walking into my healing. I also had a lot of guilt and shame associated with getting my disease. I allowed myself to be more open to the Holy Spirit at the Living It and I did my part in repentance and came home and cancelled the infusion appointment I was to have on Tuesday. In November 2019 I finally went back to my Rheumatoligist and had blood work done to confirm my healing. My doctor had been wondering what had happened to me since I hadn't been in for an infusion since February. I told her I had been healed and had been waiting for enough time for all drugs I'd been on to be cleared from my system before having any blood work done. She wanted to say I was in remission, but I corrected her and said I was healed. She called me in December to give me my lab report. My SED rate (inflammation) was only 7 points above normal and even on medication over the previous years on a few occasions had it been that. The little inflammation I had at that time in my left wrist is now gone and all symptoms of RA are gone. Praise God!

Krista Lucas -- Healed of being a Recluse, Rheumatoid Arthritis
​January 2015

     Jolene, I want to give an accounting of what I have been through this past weekend as you taught and before I even came to the teaching may help you in your understanding and to help others understand you great the Lord truly is.  Please feel free to use this in your postings or however you feel is best.  It is my special story.
     I came to the teaching here in Ruidoso against my will.  We did not have the finances to get here and my boyfriend works for my dad, and there was some pressure there also.  I was also scared of the pain that a long trip would cause me.  Boy was I about to be surprised.  My motto for the last year and half of being sick, had been, “Boy!  I will try anything. “ I never believed that anything would work, but I had been at the end of my rope.
     Here are my thoughts throughout the ordeal.
     I knew that I wanted to see you.  Meeting in Ruidoso was kind of a half way point for us.  From the minute that we met last year in Ruidoso, I knew I had not only met a lifelong friend, but a mom figure that actually cared.  At times I want to pack up and come stay with you just for your hugs and the calming effect on me that you provide.
     I have been recluse embarrassed about my condition, my weight, and my energy.  I did not want to spend time with people.  Then I would feel sorry for myself because I had no strength to even go out to see my horse, which is really all I want to do because that is where I am the happiest.  Then I arrive here in Ruidoso with all of these strange people coming in to hear what you have to say (a group) of all things.  How I was going to survive being around all of these people I did not know.  The next thing I know is you are having a man walk me through Father’s Love.  I am entrusting a stranger (Jim) to help me deal with my unforgiveness.   You paired me up with him, I know because you saw his gentle nature.  You were right.  Then I saw that everyone was hurting too.  There were others that had been hurt and disappointed too.  Then I became a little more comfortable.  But I was still not fully engaged.  I was nervous about sending things to the dry places, then you gave an example from the bible.
     The second day of the teaching, my pain was unbearable.  It was crippling.  I truly did not want to go on.  I wanted to cry and hide in self pity.  Then along came Jolene to the rescue.  She had that gift of discernment and the wisdom of the Lord, and she said that my spirit had disappeared way back in me and was hiding from the principality of unlovingness and self pity.  I was in so much pain.  I cannot explain the pain and anguish that I was in.  But Jolene understood it.  She said that she had once been there.  She called forth MY Spirit.  My spirit was a fighter.  It is who God created me to be, but I had been so beaten up by the enemy I forgot who I was.  The real me got mad at what the enemy had done and I fought to take my life back.  It was a huge struggle.  I pushed through so much pain.  Once my spirit came forth, I knew how to fight.  I fought and fought.  Then Jolene hurt my feelings when she left the room, and said it was now up to me.  I wanted to cry and feel more sorry for myself.  But she was right.  I still did not think that I was worth the trouble or even the fight, but I got up and walked.  It felt like a thousand knives were in me.  But I still was doing it for the wrong reasons.  I wanted Jolene and my boyfriend Perry to see that I was trying, and I wanted them to be proud of me.  I walked out on the porch and had an argument with myself, about who I was going to allow to run my body.
     I struggled and struggled and finally came in to listen to the teaching but I kept falling asleep.  Everyone kept trying to wake me up, but it was as though I was in another world.  I had brain fog.  I was exhausted.  I did not care what anyone said, I wanted rest.  I was in another struggle.  The enemy changed his ammo on me, Jolene said.  Then Perry woke me up and Jolene said again that no one could do it for me.  I had to want to be free myself.  I was back in the game.  This time truth cut into me.  I was excited and I had a new understanding.  Jolene had taught on Rejection and then the Unloving Spirit.  Due to my cowgirl upbringing, it was hard to accept that I had a demon that was doing this to me. It was a beautiful sight seeing other people being delivered.  A really sweet family came together that could not hug before, were now hugging and teasing one another.  WOW!
     Then through Jolene’s faith and then my faith, with a great deal of power, the demons left me.  The Lord used Jolene to cast the demons out of me.   As it went out, I felt like I gave birth almost.  Suddenly, I felt lighter, and better, and better. I never would have believed.  It was an amazing feeling, to get all of them out of me.  I felt so light.  I began to laugh and laugh and smile like I had not smiled in years.  Jolene taught on sexual sins later that evening, and the enemy tried to get me to go back into sarcasm and rejection, but Jolene prayed with me and others.
     Then the miracle happened in my sleep.  I woke up pain free. All of the swelling and inflammation was gone.  I am healed.  I owe all gratitude to my Lord and Savior, whose by his stripes I am healed.  I love you Jolene for being a willing vessel for the Lord.  Without your determination and heart, I would not have been set free.  Thank-you, from the bottom of my heart. 

​John Novasad -- Being healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis
January 23, 2015
     I have stopped taking the following meds since participating in the teaching, BP med, anti- depression, and 2 rheumatoid arthritis drugs (methotrexate and plaquinal). I continue to take Humira for RA.

Spiritual Healing
Louise Sedlacek -- Spiritual Refreshing and Healing of Toenails
August 2017

      What you are doing is nothing short of an Ezekiel 37: 1– 14 ministry, bringing an army of dry bones back to life.  What was supposed to primarily be a mission of mercy for our niece turned also into a time of spiritual refreshing and restoration for Don and I.  We couldn’t stop talking about it while driving home (9 hours) until I finally fell asleep.  The conversation continues.  It takes time to assimilate all we’ve downloaded, but it hugely impacted all of us.
      Before coming last week (after our last minute decision to make the trip), I had a dream about doing some cleaning around our place and lifted up a flat piece of rock on a large boulder out in the yard.  (Our yard here is flat with no rocks in real life.)  Under that piece of rock was a nest of snakes inside the boulder—all different patterns and colors and there was a bunch of them!  The Lord often speaks to me in dreams, and this one got my attention.  I HATE snakes!!!  Believe this was symbolic of a bunch of enemy spirits I needed to get rid of.
      I have something else pretty funny to share.  The toenails on my left foot have not been able to grow for YEARS, esp. on the big toe.  Growth has been totally stunted and no doctors could ever give me an answer why.  Not sure what I came out of agreement with during the class, but it’s become very noticeable in the last week or two that the nail polish line is now growing out equally on both feet and  I’m  having to trim those toenails on that left foot for the first time in years because they’re growing out normally again.

Jill Rogers Thaxton -- Freemasonry Curse Broken
June 2017

      Jolene McCord, I wanted to thank God for leading you to include the deliverance prayers for Freemasonry during your teaching I attended. I didn't think that I had any masons in my family, but I said the prayers just-in-case. I just read the autobiography of my great-great-great-grandfather, a wonderful story of an early Texas surveyor and scout, a Tejano who converted from Catholicism and became a Christian evangelist and minister later in his life. In the story, he recounts that the Catholic priest who married him refused to marry him as a Catholic because he was a mason! I couldn't tell from the story if he ever renounced his masonic affiliation, as I know the Protestant church has often ignored masonic affiliation. But I was so happy to break the chain, praise God!
Dianne Lilly -- Spiritual Healing
February 2016

      Just wanted to thank you again for that teaching in Ruidoso. I've learned so much about forgiveness and repentance and myself and God . I've spent most of my life searching for the love and the nurturing that I never received from my parents  and in believing the lies of the enemy. I was trying to find love in all the wrong places, and God"s love was right in front of me all the time. I feel like the kid that was waiting to be adopted their whole life and now I finally have been adopted  by the best father ever. Now after 50 years I can finally say I'm not worthless, I am worthy, I'm not ugly, I'm beautiful in God's eyes. I'm not unlovable because I am loved by the Most High King and the best part is, He loved me first.  I can finally let go of the past and shed that old skin. I am somebody because God says I am, and if God is for me who could be against me. Thank you Jolene.

Elisa Vigil -- Spiritual Healing
January 2016

      Before the teaching I would describe myself as a person who could set herself up for hurt again and again. Someone who could sit and soak in thoughts of anger, self pity, jealousy, abandonment, regret, failure, and weakness for days, weeks, even months. I would define happy, as finding a man and having material things to show and prove that I am successful. I was looking for “real” love by a man in all the wrong places. FEAR was in control of my life. I feared the worst in life. Being alone was my biggest fear. I was a single mother with a son whose father had abandoned us. Who would want me? I am damaged. I constantly worried about what other people thought of me. I knew everyone was thinking, ”Who could love her?” “Something is obviously wrong with her if he left them.” “Where is the dad?” “Her poor family has to support her…what a burden.” “She is just like every other single mom.” I was my own worst judge and I didn’t deserve any love.
      When I heard about the teaching, I had no idea what to expect or what to even put on my intake form. I was ashamed and guilty of many things in my past. The only thing I knew is that I needed healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Was that even possible…am I a lost cause? I even hid things that I was not ready to admit on my intake form…thinking how embarrassing and shameful I am. But the one question I was able to answer was what I expected out of the teaching. All I knew is that I was tired of not hearing God’s voice and I was ready to hear what He had to say about my past and my future.
      Putting everything aside, I decided to attend the teaching, not knowing the old me was going to end on the first day and that I would begin my new path as a new woman.
      After just the first day, the Holy Spirit was strong to pull me up during Father’s Ministry and  to full heartedly forgive the one person I thought I would never be able to forgive on behalf of my son. For the first time as a mother, I knew I had done something that would change the life of my son for better. It was no longer about my selfish reasons. I was ready to become the mother God allowed me to be. My son will forgive his father for abandoning him before he asks. There is no more hated, anger, or regret in my heart. Weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was hungry for more of Gods forgiveness, grace, and mercy but more importantly love.
      Continuing the days of the teaching, I learned more about myself through God’s word and slowly but surely I finally was able to see who God sees and she is beautiful. I don’t see self pity, I see self love. I don’t see anger, I see peace. I don’t see abandonment, I see family. I don’t see regret, I see wisdom. I don’t see weakness, I see strength. And I don’t see a failure, but only success. During one point of the teaching I asked God how to stop all the fear from entering my spirit and mess with my mind. During worship God had asked me to put my hand on my heart.  As I felt my heart beat as though it would come out of my chest, God told me “Your heart beats 24/7 day and night because I will always protect you from your enemies, so if ever feel weak, just place your hand on your heart and you will feel my love and strength.” God led me to this teaching so that I could be free. My past is no longer haunting me or chaining me down. I am blessed and beyond grateful that it led me to become a member of One Church and be accepted for who I am, regardless of my past. No one asked questions. No one gave me judging eyes. I no longer see myself as a struggling single mother trying to be mom and dad for my son, Aiden. I am a wonderful mother and daughter of the Almighty God who is eager to obey and eager to start my life that He has for me. I have experienced the true meaning of unconditional love by Jesus and My Father. It is real true love, it is unfailing and it is forever.  It started by attending For Your Life in Ruidoso, NM.

Sandra Taylor -- Freedom from fear - Restored Normal Body Temperature
July 2016

      I have been to several For My Life teachings. I have been through or seen the Father's love ministry each time. I have also helped John walk others through it. There is a part that talks about being stranded. I would tear up each time at that point and didn't know why. I had been asking God to show me why that phrase caused me pain.  Also all my life I had a low body temperature. 96-97 was my normal, so if I was at 98, I had a fever. I found myself cold even in the hottest part of summer.
      During the For My Life teaching in Dallas in May, Jolene mentioned that a low core body temperature was related to fear. My instant prayer to God was, what fear would cause me to have the low core temps. He showed me a "video" in my mind of something that happened when I was about 3 years old. I had been "stranded" with a babysitter by a flood. I was safe, but my mom and dad could not get to me. Since then, floods had always made me want to be sure we were all together and at home. I was afraid of being stranded by floods away from my dad.  God is so faithful, he had showed me in just a few seconds where the fear had come in and why 'stranded' made me tear up.
      I told John what God had showed me and we walked through deliverance of that fear. He commanded my core temperature to come to normal. When we got home, I took my temperature and it was 98.
      A couple of days later, we were doing work outside, and for the first time in my life, I was soaked in sweat and I'm no longer cold!  Praise God for His faithfulness and mercy!

Tiffany Hill -- Healed of Fear
June 2015

      Before attending For Your Life, I struggled with a HUGE fear of my children drowning. I would never go swimming without having them within arms reach and another adult. Also, I made them wear swim floats/rings. I was always stressed and never could enjoy being with them. I was always consumed by fear. Well, today I went to the pool with the kids, the older two were in with no floats and my youngest boy had arm floaties (he isn't tall enough yet to put his feet to the bottom of the pool). The baby was asleep so I couldn't get in- so I sat out and just watched. Guess what!?! They were fine!!! They did great and I had no anxiety or panic attacks!!!!!!!! I later got in and the baby loved it- she is my first baby with out fear of the water!!!! "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear." 1 John 4:18

JoeAnne Trapp -- Blessed by Heart of Forgiveness Newsletters
     I want to share something with you... It is truly Amazing every time I open up Heart of Forgiveness newsletters! They applied to exactly what I was going through that week. Really! I had mentioned to Michelle how they seemed to arrive right when I needed up lifting and/or more knowledge because of what I was going through. I found it "Amazing" that every newsletter came with a direct message with the exact right timing that Our Father had for me! It was even more evident to Michelle with this last newsletter... I reminded her of what we were discussing yesterday morning and if she had read the newsletter that was sent to us at 3:45 pm. It was exactly what we were discussing! I had questions and I asked Our Father to let me know and then I discussed it with Michelle before lunch. Our Father knows me and He knows that I really like it when I am shown exactly where in scripture I need to read whatever it might be. I am so much into my studies with Our Father and He continues to fill me with knowledge and wisdom! Yes, I did go get a nice King James Bible and amplified. Got tired of missing out on important scripture! I pray Our Father keeps you safe and continues to bless you and yours.

Sharon Ligon -- Healed of Fear of Thunderstorms
July 30, 2014

     Just a little testimony. Fear of Thunder storms. I used to hide and cover my head and I hated storms. I went to South Carolina and my flight was in the air and we had to circle for an hour over the airport. The Lord showed me the most beautiful show over South Carolina. No more fear of thunder storms. I love watching them come in. Thank you Jesus.

Laurel Hesskew -- After being laid off 3 times in a year, Employment after getting rid of Pride, Rejection and Fear
     My husband was recently laid off for the 3rd time this year. We couldn't make sense of why this kept happening. We are Christians, we do our best to live by God's word, he is extremely intelligent, hard working and easy to get along with. "Why is God letting this happen to us?!" had become our song. With some ministry from Jolene Hardy McCord and Chalk Hankins we had come to realize that my husband was dealing with a spirit of pride and a generational, familiar spirit of rejection from others. We have both been adamantly asking God to give both of us a true heart of repentance for entertaining pride and rejection. 3 days after us meeting with Jolene, we received a call from a company asking my husband to come work for them in a very nice position with lots of room for growth in the company! Out of his inheritance of rejection, he fell into fear: fear of man, fear of rejection, fear of fear. We tend to look at 'fear' and think of someone who is in a corner that can't cope but in most circumstances it is listening to the lies of the enemy without even realizing that you are buying into lies. It starts as a simple thought, that we think could very logically be our own and after you mull on it for a little the thoughts keep coming and growing and before you know it -- you are walking in sin and in agreement with a defiling spirit that brings separation between you and God. We don't have the mind of Christ when walking in this! Pride comes in to make up for the rejection you feel to make yourself feel better. "I am too important to do that job...I am too intelligent for this, some one else should do it...My boss is wasting my talent on things that 'other' people should be doing...I shouldn't have to be the one to do the little jobs, don't they know who I am?" All of these thoughts cause us to set ourselves up in idolatry and we end up with a haughty spirit. This is what we were dealing with. We forget that Christ has called us to be humble, to be servants of the Most High, to be lowly in spirit, to be obedient AND submissive in ALL things unto Christ and to do it with joy. No complaining, no fault finding, no knit picking everything about the job, person or situation. We are to give thanks to God at all times for all things. We are to be humble like Jesus was. He was and is the Savior of the world and yet He was humble. You wouldn't know that He was a king. He lived a life of servitude to others, washing dirty feet, praying for the sick, feeding the hungry, forgiving all those who came against Him unjustly, not once going into pride when He should have been sitting on a thrown being worshiped by all. We are so quick to think much of ourselves and too little of others and too little of God. God cannot bless us or fight for us when we are walking in sin. He requires a spotless bride and someone that has a thankful heart in all things.  

Teeth Healed
Gaylea Lunday -- Teeth Re-Mineralized
May 2015

      I had two cavities which re-mineralized in between the time of -rays to today's dental visit. The teeth are a good indicator of how your bones are doing, so I suspect that my bones are also re-mineralizing.

Mary Collette -- Cavities Healed
May 2015

      Had a dental appointment today. Two years ago had three cavities and gum disease, no money for fillings. Was praying for no root canals. Today, no cavities or gum disease. HEALED IN JESUS'S NAME!

Heart and Blood Healing

Barbara Moschilli-Hauntsman -- High Cholesterol Gone, Blood Sugar levels Normal
June 10, 2014

     I have not had a checkup in years. After a couple years of knowing Jolene and going through For Your Life and bible studies at her house, I decided I wanted to go have a checkup to 'see' if there would be an internal difference in my health. The doctor did an EKG and took blood work to run through various tests that check the functioning of your organs, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. 1 week later, I went back to discuss my results. The doctor was acting baffled the whole time and almost seemed skeptical about my results. The doctor held up my EKG results and said that my heart was abnormally strong and extremely healthy. He said my EKG was beautiful. My blood work was unreal! Every negative thing, high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels and the list goes on were non existent. He said he had never seen cholesterol levels so low. ALL of the standard levels that are set to show where 'normal' is supposed to be for your blood work didn't apply to my results according to the doctor. Every positive thing that your body is supposed to release to your body was elevated, everything negative was extremely low. He was baffled. And it wasn't because I work out or am a health nut...I despise both, severely! It's from going through For Your Life's and trusting God to help me to continue a life applying those principles.
Glenda Myers Conklin -- Blood Clots gone and off Warfarin, High Blood Pressure Gone, High Cholesterol Gone
July 27, 2014

     Just wanted to share a testimony about the Lord's faithfulness. He will do what He says He will do. I attended Jolene's first "For Your Life" that she held here in Lampasas a few years ago at New Covenant Church. Jolene and I had also been meeting for one on one ministry for about a year. I have attended her home groups also. God has richly blessed me through these teaching and is healing my body, soul and spirit. I had to deal with a lot of self rejection and self hate, generational and just plain me. Stinking thinking. I have known Jolene since way before she was healed and I see how God has healed her and now uses her to heal others. On Dec. 31, 2011, I was rushed to the ER with life threatening illnesses. I had two blood clots go to my lungs, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and they found I had a high sugar count while I was in the hospital, which I was admitted to for about a week. When released, I was told that I needed to be on warfarin for 6 months to a year and might never be able to get off of it. So for a little over a year and a half, I have been going to a clinic and keeping up with all that I had to do while on it. Two months ago I turned 65 and with that came Medicare and was told that I needed a primary care Dr. So I tried to get into see the Dr. that my husband used to see. It took two months, but in the mean time, I saw his PA and of course she started me on a barrage of test. All this time, before and after being in the hospital, I am calling Jolene and asking "Ok, what is the root cause of this, what is the root cause of that, etc." She has been so loving and giving to me and my daughter. She would answer and sometimes pray with me, sometimes I would take it to the Lord myself. Sometimes my daughter would walk me through the 8 R's. It has been hard at times to learn to walk it out, but it has been good, now don't get me wrong, God isn't through with me yet. Still have sins and issues to deal with, but learning to walk it out is a real good thing. It keeps me in right relationship with my Heavenly Father for one thing. And now for the rest of the story, last Thursday I finally got to see the Dr. and got the results of all the tests: first, I'm off warfarin, no blood clots, my cholesterol is so great that the Dr. kept saying I can't believe how low your cholesterol is. My thyroid is perfect, my triglecyrides (sorry, can't spell) are perfect. The PA had been having me keep a record for 2 months of my blood pressure because it was high when I first went in. After repenting for worrying about the future, and starting to treat my body like it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, as in cutting back on unhealthy foods and walking every day, the Dr. said I would never put you on medication with numbers like that. The bone density test they did was normal, I said oh, so now I am finally normal. Don't think they appreciated the humor. And all the other test were great. He said no problem with my sugar and that my immune system was perfect. I give all the glory to God. 

Healed of Kidney related illness

Linda Wells --Kidneys Healed

January 2020

Two years ago I was sent to a urologist to find out why there were traces of blood in my urine. After several tests and scans they found nothing to explain it. I was told that as some people get older this  can happen and I would probably have this for the rest of my life. At the time I accepted the diagnosis and every time they ran a urinalysis they found traces of blood. Recently I had a problem with diverticulitis and more scans and tests they also noticed something with one of my kidneys and said I needed to see the urologist again. Before my follow up appointment I attended a For Your Life teaching and decided that I didn’t have to accept the diagnosis from two years ago. I went to my follow up and she said she was going to send a referral to the urologist. I told her to let me know. Fifteen minutes later as I’m walking through the grocery store my phone rings and it’s my doctor. After looking at the scans again she felt it was minimal and not necessary for me to go to the urologist. They would just run the scan again in a year to check it out. Since then I went in for my yearly checkup with my OB/GYN at which they did a urinalysis. When he didn’t mention the results I asked about it and he said it was normal. Thank you God for healing me.

Marriage and Relationships Healed
Shirley Lybrand -- Marriage Healed
February 2015

     If you have not gone through a For Your Life teaching you need it, even if you think you don't. My husband and I were just about to get a divorce. Satan had pulled us down to the pits of HELL. I just did not see anyway out, I cried out to God for help and he sent Jolene McCord to help us. She spent 5 days at our home with us and we went through the forgiveness ministry that she teaches and was it ever an eye opener. I had no idea that fear, stress, unforgiveness was a sin, I just thought it was part of life. Well I am here to tell you it is not ! That is what Satan wants you to believe. In the 5 days she was with us my husband and I did see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have now been married 30 years and very happy and content with life and love doing God’s work. The very best part to our story is our Grandson was saved and baptized, our whole family needed help!! And God says he will never leave you and that is for sure He wants to if you will just let him in so he can work on you.
     He has given Jolene a gift of teaching and speaking the truth even if it hurts. We some time need someone else to show us the real us. If you go to one of her teachings you will come out a new person, if you will just open your heart mind and soul and know God has sent you to her to help you see the truth. God does all the work, he just uses others to help us open our eyes sometimes. I know everyone always says I don't have four days to spend on going to these teachings, I can't take off work etc etc.. I guess you just have to ask yourself how important is my life, my marriage, my kids, etc. If you listen to the truth, you will go to her next teaching… it is for your life, not hers.
     I send God’s blessings to all of you that read this, take the time to receive Gods word; your life is worth it!!

Shirley Lybrand -- Husband healed; Marriage Healed
November 2009

      I have known Jolene McCord for approximately four years. I met her through some mutual acquaintances that we have. I spoke to my friends about some problems my husband Larry and I were having in our marriage as we had decided we were no longer happy and that a divorce would probably be best for us. Jolene was on her way to Dallas and she called and said I would like to come by and see you if that would be OK. I said "yes that would be great". I had met her one or two times before at a party but never really got to know her. It was my husbands first time to meet her, and we sat around the table and talked which she listened. She did not say a lot to us about what she had been studying the last two years. She left and in a few weeks she called and invited my husband and I to a seminar by Pastor Henry Wright in Ft. Worth. It was a four day teaching on fear, anxiety, unforgiveness of yourself and others and how all this could make you sick if you did not start changing your life. It opened our eyes to where we were in our lives which was not a good place and of course we were not healed in four days but it did make us want to learn more.
      Jolene called us in about three weeks to check on us and I told her it helped for a few days but things were still not real good between my husband and I. She asked if she could come and stay three days with us and go through unforgiveness and father's love. I asked my husband and he said, well it sure won't hurt us. I knew in my heart if this did not work our marriage was over. Jolene came the next week and I had no idea what she and God had planned for us. She started going through unforgiveness and teaching us about fear, anxiety, worry and that they were all a sin. I have read it in the Bible many times but it never did effect me like it did that day. The Holy Spirit was making us set up and listen and Jolene was letting him lead her in what to say and do. After those three days it has been a life changing experience for my husband and family. My husband and I have changed our lives for God and we learned to stop trying to change each and just let God guide us in everything we do.
      We have now been married 29 years this year and we are now ministering to other married couples in our church. God had a plan for our life and he used Jolene to teach us so we could go our and do his work as well. God works in a way we will never understand.
      That same week Jolene was at our house I received a call from my daughter regarding my grandson Lance. She said, mom, Lance needs help. She then starts telling me he is doing drugs and drinking and he was seeing visions and he was scared last night and he was talking in a different voice, which at this time I sure did not know anything about demons. I looked at Jolene and told her what my daughter had said and she said tell her to get him to our house, so my daughter did. The demons had such a strong hold over him. The Holy Spirit told Jolene what to say and do and she started to work on him. Jolene ended up staying two more days with us and my grandson was saved and baptized in Cedar Creek Lake where we still live.
      This past year Jolene and I thought it would be good to share her teaching with others in our church group at Four Square Church in Kaufman, Texas, so we decided to do a women's weekend retreat at our home on the lake. We thought the setting would be good for the ladies to get away for a weekend. We had about 15 ladies from the church and we only have about 100 members, so it was a good turn out. Jolene taught on father's love and unforgiveness and it was a life changing experience for the ladies, they are now warriors for God and want to help free others. There wee other ladies at our church that could not attend this first retreat and asked if we would consider having another one. Jolene came back for a second teaching for the ladies and then did another teaching for the gentlemen at the church. We were not sure how the one for the gentlemen would go but I will say it was more life changing for the men than for the women! It was a glorious day for the men. Their spirits are on fire in our church, they are warriors for the Lord also. One of the men was healed of all his illnesses and no longer takes the pills he was on. One young lady was addicted to drugs and she is now free of drugs. Our pastor has had Jolene to come back and preach two or three times to the congregation so that will tell you how much she is respected.
      I would like to say, if you need someone that will work with you through your ministry, she is a warrior for God!​

 Sue Larsen -- Hope for marriage
October 2009

     I would like to take this time to express my love and concern that Jolene McCord has in my life and my husband's life.
     I went to one of her Seminars's in Mabank, TX and had a wonderful time. It was as if it was a dream because it was things that I had prayed for over and over again. When she prayed for me, there was hope again. I was handing onto the Bible verses with everything that was within, but without seeing any results. I did not realize that I had a self-hatred attitude about myself and she had that word of knowledge for me among about 10 more.
     My husband, Dave, went to the Men's Seminar the next day and it changed his way of thinking. There is hope for our marriage again, after 46 1/2 years. I anticipate each dsay something miraculous to happen and take me closer to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Raul Lira Elizondo Raúl -- Relationship healed with Father (testimony provided by Carla Mansee, Missionary to Mexico)
November 2007

     Raul was bound with much unforgiveness toward his family, especially his Mom. He was angry and resentful of all of the rejection that he went through as a young child when his parents abandoned him and his brothers to move to the States. It took them more than 6 years to come back for him. He watched his other brothers leave Mexico with his parents one by one, but he was left behind time and again. By the time that they came for him, he had closed his heart to them completely. Then he went on to spend his youth in drugs and alcohol and prison. Finally, his mom told him, “We are through with you. Do not come back home.” They never visited him in prison and he felt totally rejected by his family. When you ministered the Father’s love to him, he received his healing by faith and it has made a great difference in his life and in his ministry. Although he still has to walk out by faith some of the issues regarding his family, he is free. He loves them and continues to forgive them. Recently, Raul was tested severely when a relationship of long standing broke up. I was amazed at the maturity and peace that he demonstrated. He told me a couple of months ago that he remembered your teaching on Forgiveness and the Father’s love and they carried him through the rejection that he felt. He is a testimony of how much God wants to heal us if we let him. Raul continues to be a great blessing to our ministry.

 Misael Morales Garcia -- Healed of Unforgiveness (testimony provided by Carla Mansee, Missionary to Mexico)
November 2007

     Misael is the young man who came to us from Chiapas. He also was bound by a lot of rejection and unforgiveness. He had never really told us his whole testimony. He always hid his pain behind a big smile. When you visited and ministered to our people, Misael denied needing any help. He always said that he was fine, yet when you took him upstairs to our balcony, in tears he explained that he found his mom’s body after she committed suicide. He was only 11 years old. His father had left his Mom to marry another woman, leaving Misael with her. He moved to another town. His mom struggled to provide, but finally depression and desperation led her to take her own life. Misael came home from school and found her body. Then he was forced to move in and live with his father, who he blamed for her death. Misael also felt guilty because he was not there to change his mom’s mind when she took her life. He had many unforgiving attitudes toward both his parents. At first, when you asked him to forgive you as you stood in for his mother, Misael said no he could not forgive her. Then with a shout; he said, “I forgive you, Mom.” Misael has always been a very loving, compassionate person, but how God has used him in this area since his deliverance. He was touched by God and now he is touching others. He works every summer in the Bible Institute at Palabra de Vida and I see him sharing his love and his testimony.

Cristy Garcia -- Healed of Unforgiveness   (testimony provided by Carla Mansee, Missionary to Mexico)
November 2007

     Cristy, through your ministry was able to forgive her Dad of his many infidelities to her Mom and also forgive her Mom for enabling her Dad in his abuse of her and her siblings. She was another who was set free by the Father’s love. When she prayed for God’s ability to forgive, He gave her the ability to love her parents. They were separated and looking at divorce at the time she prayed for healing. Her father was living with another lady. Her mom was devastated. Her entire family was in an uproar. She prayed and God moved on the lady to kick Cristy’s Dad out. Approximately, six months to a year later, her mom and Dad went to spend some time with a brother and his family in Houston. They stayed 6 months. They came back here completely recommitted to the Lord and to their marriage. They renewed their vows in front of the whole family. I have spoken to her father and mother. They are like new people. Her Dad is completely changed. Forgiveness set them all free – not just Cristy. 

Healed of Migraines
Crystal Banks -- Healed of Silent Migraines, Night Terrors, Fear and Chronic Hives
April 2015

      For some time now I have felt I should write a praise report. It's so much to say and until now I let that keep me from putting this together.
      Almost a year ago, in May, I was in rough shape. I was suffering with a long list of symptoms that had come on quickly and without explanation. Each day I had these symptoms coming and going. I felt light headed, dizzy, confusion, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and an abnormal heartbeat or flutter. My family Dr sent me on a wild chase referring me to a neurologist and a cardiologist. The neurologist diagnosed me with silent migraines with an aura. She then prescribed an anti seizure medication topomax. I took it for 17 days. It helped none of the original symptoms but it added these. I then had a hard time with speech and finding the right words. I was foggy headed with no mental clarity. I was very sleepy during the day then at night I was having night terrors. I was also talking and walking around in my sleep. Waking my husband in a panic, shaking him screaming. I was never awake though. Sometimes I'd remember fragments of the incident the next day but mostly I didn't. I just remembered being scared. The anxiety had now intensified to extreme and I acquired a tingling sensation in my hands and arms that wouldn't stop. The neurologist wanted to send me to a psychiatrist and a sleep Dr to do a sleep study. (Thank The Lord I didn't go to those two). I told her I quit taking the medicine so she prescribed a blood pressure medicine, propranolol. I had excellent blood pressure, always on the low side, but she insisted it would help with the silent migraines. All this new medicine did was make me even more sleepy and my heart rate very slow. It did nothing to improve all the symptoms I was having and the "side effect" symptoms from the previous prescription didn't go away either. I was so discouraged.
      Then one night I had a dream. It was vivid, powerful, and alarming. I awoke from it terrified. I began praying while lying there in bed, afraid to even move. God told me to contact Jolene McCord. She could help me. Now I didn't know Jolene at this point. She was only an acquaintance I had met one time in Hobby Lobby through my Mother. I knew she did some kind of seminar teaching but I knew little to nothing of the content. Since I didn't have her phone number I sent her a Facebook message in the wee hours of the morning. Pretty soon after she replied that she was available that day and gave me a time to meet. She also told me that she had had a dream that night that a young woman was going to need her help that day, and that the Lord would lead this woman into truth though her. Praise The Lord! I heard that and I knew I was going to get some answers.
      Now later that day I met with Jolene and explained my symptoms and a quick summary of my life. Also I shared with her the significant health issues my husband and children were having. Most recently that of my husband with appendicitis. I was constantly taking one of my kids or my husband to the ER. Then I explained the following dream to her. I told her I was surrounded by my closest family members. I needed to make a phone call but my phone wouldn't work properly. I hit a number and it wouldn't dial the right one. I was confused by this and gave up trying. So I proceeded outside where my family was sitting on a tall (5 or 6 foot) concrete patio with no railing. I sat down in a chair by a relative and my chair fell backwards. Trying to catch myself I grabbed for the person next to me and we both fell backwards off the patio down onto the ground. After falling I was in pain but immediately wanted to check on this other person. I also became nauseated and threw up. Then there was a scene change as if in a movie. I was suddenly sitting high up on top of the upper cabinets in a kitchen. Didn't know how I got up there or how to get down. Then the scene changed again. I was outside in a housing area and the neighbors all came out side and gathered around this old castle that appeared in the distance. It was a beautiful medieval era castle. All of these neighbors started holding hands in a circle as a rumbling erupted. The ground shook as this castle began to split in half and open up like a doll house. I noticed the castle was empty of any people or furniture except when it opened thousands of black crows flew out of it and I heard a repeating chant of many voices saying, "you're not gonna get me, you're not gonna get me". Quickly the scene changed again. I was now in a hospital preparing for a sleep study and getting set up in the room I would be sleeping. My husband was in the next room while the doctor talked with me. She held an iPad in her hands and took pictures of me while we were talking. Then she stopped and asked me if I wanted to see. To my horror I looked at these pictures and saw demons all around me clinging to me. I ran from the room in search of my husband. When I found him I was in such fear and panic I couldn't find the words to tell him what I saw. While sobbing I woke up from the dream. My back was lit up like it was on fire and I had chills all over.
      Jolene had been listening and taking her notes. She stopped to pray. She said The Lord showed her what this all meant and asked me if I really wanted to know. I said yes. She had written down my symptoms I had at the beginning and had all these lines drawn down connecting them to the dream. All the symptoms were present at some point in the dream! She said that me sitting on top of the cabinets was like "sitting on the medicine cabinet". She said it was me sitting on the medicine that I did not want to take and knew wasn't good for me. Then she explained that the castle was me! Also that God, with a sword split the castle (me) in two to show me that it (I) was empty except for the crows that flew out. She said these crows represented evil spirits. Also they were the ones repeating "you're not going to get me" because they do not want to be exposed. Then the scene in the hospital. She said she was so glad I had not gone to the sleep doctor and that most people who go to a sleep study are much worse afterwards. She said that while you are sleeping they do things that cause even more spirits than before. Then she said my back was on fire because my husband hadn't yet learned how to be my spiritual covering. She told me, much to my surprise, that fear was a sin! Also that it was the root cause of all of my sickness. She said, and it was true, that all of this began when I thought my husband might die from appendicitis. Because of complications it was nearly two months in between his diagnosis and surgery to remove it. During this time I was going through all of this. I was amazed. It all made sense. She walked me through deliverance of my worst fear, losing my husband or my children. She had asked me why I had this fear. I said that selfishly I wanted them here with me. She explained that if they did die they would be in heaven right? God will take care of them and that I would again be with them so don't worry and trust Him. Praise The Lord I got delivered of that fear! It was GONE! She told me to stop taking all the medicine and do not go back to the doctor. Symptoms improved greatly, with most of them gone completely after our meeting that day. It was phenomenal. Three weeks later I attended a For Your Life. Little did I know I would get rid of lots more. All of the symptoms above were healed.
      As a two year old I began to have chronic hives. Which is an autoimmune disease that produces a histamine reaction that causes raised, painful and itchy red welts on the body. I have taken medicine every day since to keep the hives under control. I was at one time taking 3 prescribed medications (zyrtec, singular, and zantac) to prevent them. If I missed one pill I would have a break out. Now I am only taking half of one zyrtec each day. So at this point 84% of the medication has been eliminated. I am still walking out of this but praise Him for the report that this is greatly improved and I am on the path to a total restoration.
      Before For Your Life I had a tendency of drinking when I wanted to have fun or when I was going through a difficult time. Then if I drank I smoked. If you've ever heard that song "she only smokes when she drinks, she only drinks now and then..." That was me. I realized during the teaching why this had a grip on me that I could not control. When Jolene explained addictions I got angry about it having power over me and I took authority over it! I haven't been drunk since and I quit smoking. I have had an occasional drink but never seeking it as a problem solver and I haven't over indulged since. I did slip up once, the enemy got me to thinking I wanted a cigarette, and a thought entered my mind, "just one won't hurt", but The good Lord protected me from that lie. When I inhaled the smoke it was pretty disgusting and I had no desire to continue.
      Since attending that For Your Life my marriage has improved greatly. My husband and I attended a conference held by Pastor Wright and he came to half of a For Your Life. He has learned about his role in our family as our covering and leader. I am learning how to be his helpmate. We learned about ungodly order in the marriage and how that affects even your children with disease. We're learning more and more to trust Him with situations and we are seeing the fullness of His promises. We've had our hearts set on certain things and when road blocks appeared we turned to Him in prayer. He has showed us that He has far better plans for us than we can imagine by turning our problem into something greater than we had hoped for to begin with.
      We are learning how to raise our children in truth, teaching them to trust in God, and how to recognize the enemy in his attempt to steal, kill, and destroy. Since the teaching I helped deliver my daughter of the fear of tornados. My oldest is soaking in some of the For Your Life teaching as she likes to pray over her little sister and lay hands upon her before bed. It has also helped her in school. She has such a heart for other kids in class who appear to have bad behavior, but she knows there is more going on and the enemy is working in their life. She has learned how to separate man from sin so she can love the man and hate the sin. As a family we are getting good at forgiving and doing it quickly. Both of my girls have had better health. My youngest who had repeated ear infections prior to the teaching, and was one infection away from getting tubes, has not had one since.
      After learning about self hatred and getting some deliverance from it, I've lost 2 pant sizes this last year. I am more mindful of taking care of my "mobile home" as we like to call our body, since we are eternal beings and this is merely a temporary body. I've also learned to realize that God created me and he doesn't make mistakes. He does things perfectly and I am beautiful to Him so why should I disagree.
      Learning how to walk in forgiveness has made such a difference in my relationships with extended family too. They don't know the teaching but because I am able to separate man from sin I see things differently and situations don't escalate like they used to. Now I can love them, forgive, and avoid going into rejection like I did before. Then when I do mess up The Lord shows me gently.
      Since that first For Your Life I have attended another one and learned more. I've realized we will never be done learning and that you can't get it all in one shot. The first For Your Life I was operating in drivenness to get myself fixed. We can't force things. The Holy Spirit is so awesome to reveal things to us in time. We can't rush God. I figured out that while I had learned a lot and was delivered of many things at the first teaching, I still had more layers to remove. The For Your  Life is not a get fixed quick deal. It is a teaching that I have to apply to my life each day. If I get lazy in my prayer, if I don't read The Word, or neglect applying His armor it becomes abundantly apparent. Things start getting haywire.
      I had a moment just last week where I had to have a difficult conversation with someone who provided us a service. We had already paid when we realized they did something wrong. I had to confront them and ask that they fix it at their expense. Before hand my heart began to race and thoughts of what could go wrong ensued. I started to have fear of man and confrontation with this person. With a repentant heart I looked up and I claimed His entire armor upon me in Jesus name and I claimed peace and joy over myself. Immediately my heart rate gradually slowed down to normal. I was able to breathe deeply and I felt calm. I walked into the mans office and it went better than I could have imagined. I walked out of that office praising God for His protection!
      If you are new to the Heart of Forgiveness Ministry and have any doubt about attending the coming For Your Life teaching in May, I encourage you to. It is truly a revelation. The mysteries of your life will be uncovered and revealed to you. You'll receive understanding if you go with an open heart. It is something you do for YOUR life to look in the mirror, take inventory and choose to become accountable. We are all responsible for ourselves only. We can't fix other people and we should not bear false burdens for them. So don't go with the intention of trying to help someone else or fix someone else. Don't say "I'll go if so and so goes but I am not going to bother if they don't want to get right". You get right first and they will when you do. Go to the teaching for YOU! It's a freeing experience that allows you to receive forgiveness, forgive others and yourself, which may be the hardest of all. When you forgive, our perfect Father in heaven will replace that bitterness with a peace that is unimaginable. I am so thankful for truth revealed through these teachings and the closer walk that I have with our Lord because of it. For Your Life is more than a teaching, It's a family. One you'll be glad you joined!

 Crystal Banks -- Generational Curses Removed
April 2015

      I didn't mention this in my previous testimony (above) but there are MANY generational curses that have been removed. Everyone has them, different ones depending on what our ancestors did of course. I'll tell this too and it amazed me when I figured it out. I'll share since no one knows my Dad.
      When I was two (notice it's the same time I started getting hives) my parents were living in different states due to military for my Dad and my Mom wanted to stay in Lampasas. They divorced when I was three. Then I had no relationship with my father until 5 years ago my husband looked up his email through the military and now we keep in touch.
      My Dad visited this past November and in conversation he mentioned how his Father was just a boy when his Grandfather died. So my great Grand Father died, unintentionally abandoning my Grandfather. Now my Grandfather did not abandon his son (my Dad) physically but abandonment can be real or perceived (emotional abandonment/rejection). Now I don't know the details of their relationship but disease tells the story. My Father had Hodgkins Lymphoma as an adult. The root cause for Hodgkins Lymphoma is deep rooted bitterness coming from unresolved rejection by a Father and abandonment by a Father, NEVER a Mother. Then my Father abandoned my sister and me as children. So there was a generational curse on my Fathers side of abandonment by a Father.
      When I figured this out recently I was astonished. It really helped me to have compassion for my Father and realize we are all afflicted by the enemy and he had a generational curse too. That's all it was. He's not a bad person. In our relationship this last five years he has expressed regret over not seeing us grow up and always had tears in his eyes upon leaving after a visit, which are years in between. This is why forgiveness is so important. It has SO MUCH more power than hate.
      These are the type of realizations you will experience. There are generational curses you would never think of getting set free from. 

Healed of Allergies
Clarke Wells -- Healed of Allergies
February 2017

      I attended a For Your Life teaching in Corpus Christi in August of 2016. I have battled severe seasonal allergies for my entire life (36 years). I would battle burning eyes, sneezing, congestion, headaches, and sometimes these would lead to other sicknesses. Since the teaching in August, I have not had any signs of allergies. The awesome thing is, I have a lawn mowing business, so I am out in the elements every day. Father God healed me during the teaching and I am so thankful. I have the knowledge and tools to engage in spiritual warfare every day. Thank you to Jolene and her team for this wonderful ministry.

Dennis Fidler -- Healed of Allergies
July 2015

     I got a testimony for ya'll, a healing that I wasn't aware of.  A couple weeks ago I was shredding on our place, since everything dried out from the spring rains, which produced a good crop of weeds like broom weed, rag weed, thistle, Johnson grass and every other weed that USED to send my sinuses into orbit when shredding.  As I was about to finish where I was mowing, I  realized that I hadn't even sneezed yet due to all the dust and pollen off the weeds.  Right away I thought, wow God you healed me of these allergies at the last Teaching in Lampasas. I shouted out praises and some hallelujahs in excitement to our Lord.
     This morning I went and shredded a few acres for some people that needed some help and the results were the same.  And I say thank you God, You are the giver of Life in the True sense through Christ Jesus.  People, we must forgive others as well as ourselves, so God then will forgive us We must forgive people, before He can forgive us as His word states. Never stop seeking Him.

Healed of Addiction

Jana Kidd -- Healed of Smoking Addiction

February 2020

       In 2010 I quit smoking after attending a For Your seminar in Lampasas, TX. I was smoking about 5 packs a day, digar cigarettes, nasty nasty, coughing blood all the time. I had through the years tried to quit about 11 times using various methods that did not work. I was an addict to a life-taking horrible substance that is a long term killer. Now I'm a different kind of addict; I'm addicted to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my Lord and Savior. I have been smoke free for 10 years and I give heartfelt thanks to the teachings and guidance of the For My Life Ministry led by Jolene H. McCord. At the rate I was going, I would probably be dead or close to it. Praising Jesus!

Healed of Cancer
Karen Swints -- Healed of Cancer
March 2017

      I was given a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, a Blood Cancer, in 2013.  The Cancer supposedly had started in my pelvic area and had eaten the top part of my pelvis bone.  I had to walk with a walker for about 2 years so I would not fall.  God healed and restored my pelvic bone though, and I was able to walk again without the walker.
      After years of appointments, Chemotherapy, Radiation and other drugs, the body gets tired.
      I heard about Jolene’s Ministry through Nancy Klink and Debbie Stedham.  So I went to my first meeting in Del Rio.   I wasn’t feeling so great, but went to all four days and was disappointed in Jolene and God.  As I was leaving, I wanted my healing, and I wanted it now.
      But, then the Lord said to me “I make everything beautiful in its time,” Ecclesiastics 3:11.  So I held on to that, I knew (my deliverance and healing) was coming.
      The next meeting I went to was in Hondo, Texas, where I received my deliverance and healing from Cancer.  When Jolene prayed and spoke for Cancer to leave, I knew that it was for me --- I became so hot, from my head to my toes --- We went back to Nan and Bill Fritsche’s home to sleep for the night; I tossed and turned, I couldn’t sleep… I was so hot.  I got up and went to the last day of the seminar… I was burning hot, but cold.  I went through that last day and on my way home, I slept and woke up, vomited and immediately the heat left me.  I was healed from cancer, the spirit left me.  But, I still had not been delivered from unforgiveness.
      I was still on medication… chemo and satan tried to kill me twice during the summer.  My white blood count was so low, they had to take me to the Methodist Hospital from Del Rio (where I lived)… I was in the hospital for four days.  Three weeks later, same thing… my blood count was low, I had a fever, was vomiting, and had diarrhea --- My husband drove me straight to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where I spent another four days.  I never should have had that last dose of Chemo.  But, what satan’s means for bad, God means for Good.
      Then there was another meeting in Hondo.  And, I had been so sick.  Jolene recognized a spirit of hopelessness on me and had Pastor John and Sandy pray for me to be delivered from that, and it was like a fog left me --- I could even see better and concentrate better.  After that spirit left me, I had hope again --- Praise God!  Thank You Jesus!  Then Jolene recognized another spirit blocking my complete healing… the ugly spirit of unforgiveness.  Pastor John and his wife Sandy prayed for me and my husband, and I was set free… because I had unforgiveness towards him.
      When I was delivered and set free that spirit came up and out of my belly… and they screeched… I suppose they were mad because they had been vacated.
      Thank you Jolene for your obedience… Thank You Sweet Jesus, You carried that on The Cross for me and Everybody that will receive deliverance as truth.  It Is Truth that Sets Men Free… Thank You, Jesus.

Healed of Cysts

Sharon Ligon -- Healed of Cysts on bottom of feet

June 2019  - FYL - Dilley, TX 

      What an awesome God we serve. I have been having feet problems for over a year and it was getting very painful as I had cysts on the bottom of my feet. I remembered my mom had these on her feet, so I repented for what the Holy Spirit showed me was the open door that allowed this on me. I then asked God to forgive me for my sins and past generational sins.   The next morning,  June 9,  I woke up  and the cysts were gone.  Thank you Father.

Healed of Depression
Emily Howell Voelkel -- Healed of depression, fear and ADHD
July 2016

      My Testimony:  Even though I suffered through periods of slight depression and anxiety as a child, my adult years became tumultuous as I tried to quell the anxiety in destructive ways. As I discovered some of it to stem from ADHD, everything intensified during the last six years. Every medication combination failed, except one. I bought it, but I never opened the bottles. It sits unused because I gave up all medication one week prior to attending a For Your Life. I have not needed it since.
      As I drove toward the teaching, I cried out, "Whatever you have for me, Lord...I am open. Please heal me!" That was eleven weeks ago. Below is my story:
      BEFORE the teaching:
      I do not remember a heartbeat of normal pace. Living on adrenaline for years, sleepless nights, working in vain.  The pain was not well masked. My eyes would close, but darkness and again, and again, frightening nightmares would pervade my thoughts. Two years, no change and I would feel so weary. I continued with daily tasks, buying groceries, making lunches for my daughter, trying to recall words to form coherent thoughts. It's now been four years.
      A replay of failure over and over again. Night terrors. Fearful of the fear. Time to put everything behind me. I know that Heart of Forgiveness and a For Your Life teaching is my last hope. I am open to whatever you have to reveal to me. I pray that God will meet me here and that this will be a place of healing for me.
      DURING the teaching:
      Unfamiliar people, so loving and kind, from different places, in different stages, coming together, having experienced many of the same things, our hearts yearn for one thing... God, please heal me.
      Quietly, I listen. Quietly, I draw as I listen. I color where I've been and where i want to go. In combat, I struggle to move forward, my mind is my darkest battleground. Desperately, I listen. I process new ideas, and my eyes are drawn toward those who already understand why we are there.
      It's my time, and I know it is, but so does darkness which takes hold of me tightly. Is forgiveness even within my grasp? Waging wars, darkness follows me, consumes my mind, lurks everywhere making it nearly impossible to focus and walk toward the light. I'm at the end of the rope and I must let go and free fall to my death, OR climb and overcome. Fearful, I stare at my choices.
      Evil stares back. No more. No more. No more, I cry!  I have sinfully feared so much. I cry...God of everything, I am sorry. I did not trust you to care for me. I trust now that in the dark places where you will now reside. In the peaceful moments, you will also strengthen me.
      I am forgiven, and I forgive.  Darkness now flees. Light will now shine on the path of this OVERCOMER!
      I can't see the Light entirely, but with faith, I know He's there ahead of me and also with me at the same time. Blinded by what I've been through, I finally begin my ascent toward Him so that I can rest in His arms securely. God heard their prayers.  I continue to climb and he throws another rope down to secure me as I move toward Him.
      AFTER the teaching:
      Walking it out...
Unfiltered joy, dancing inwardly and outwardly. climbing upward toward more of His peace.  Healing in new ways. Beautiful, airy blue skies
And now I can breathe again. In and out of the grocery store, once a painful chore, now I can breathe and smile. I smile a lot now. I know where I've been and why I can live     enjoying more sweet moments with family
      Twelve weeks now. Still no more need for the support I once needed to stay upright. Many days of joy.  Many days, walking with old friends and new, now familiar friends celebrating the life He has renewed. It is light outside. My eagle wings, though painful to repair are now renewed.
Life is extended. Wings are extended. Soaring, I share the Good News!

​ Sharon Ligon -- Quit Smoking, Healed of Anxiety/Depression and off pain medicine
       For anyone thinking of attending a For Your Life Teaching- The best thing you could do for you and your family. I started smoking when I was 17 years old. I had tried several methods to quit. Nothing worked. I still smoked. I attended one of Jolene's teaching in February of 2010. I was sitting outside on October 7th smoking my last cigarette for the night. I noticed I was wheezing, so I started praying to the Lord, to take the cigarette's and cravings from me. I wanted to breath more than I wanted to smoke that cigarette, so Lord take them from me and I will not smoke another one. The next morning coffee in hand and cigarettes I went outside to smoke. Right before lighting that cigarette, I heard the Lord tell me I did not need that, that I needed to breath. Have not smoked in 2 years and 6 months. October will be 3 years. Thank you Jesus. Also things happened and I got on anxiety pills and depression pills, besides also taking pain medicine. I was hooked. I attended another teaching of Jolene's in September 2013. I had been praying that I could get off all my medicine, and Jolene said to me that I was healed. I have not had any pills since the teaching. It will be 8 months May 13. Thanks be to God. We have curses passed to us from generation to generation. For me I wanted to be free from things that was holding me back. My Husband Larry has stepped up and taken his place in the Lord and home. What a blessing that is for me and my family. Thank you Jesus. We are being led to help Jolene's ministry and Larry to do Father's Love. God is so awesome. 

Healed of Female Disorders & Pregnancy Related Issues

​Sharon Ligon - Daughter healed of  Pre-eclampsia

July 2019

​        My daughter is pregnant, and a few weeks ago, she went for her 24 week checkup. The doctors were concerned about Preeclampsia due to protein in her urine and a higher than normal blood pressure reading. They contacted her about it and she then called me. I remembered that the doctors told me the same thing while I was pregnant with her. We then went through and kicked out the generational curse that was spoken over us long ago, before she started a 24 hour urine collection, that was to be tested along with some blood work. A few days later, she got the test results back and texted me what the doctor’s response was. He was amazed that everything tested normal....no Preeclampsia and normal protein reading!

Crystal Everett – Healed of Osteoporosis, Ovary Failure
June 2016

     A huge thank u to Jolene Hardy McCord and Heart of Forgiveness Ministry for changing my entire life! Not only have I been healed from different diseases but I am now walking in the authority that God gave me, defeating the devil, and staying healthy the way God created me to be!!
      Exactly one year ago in July of 2015 My greatest fear of never having a family came upon me. I had three doctors tell me that at the age of 25 my ovaries have failed and I would never be able to conceive children on my own. I broke down like never before and felt so heart broken, I could not even describe the pain. I always imagined being a mother one day and to be told I could never have a family of my own killed me inside and out. I felt I was not only giving up on life and myself, but giving up on God. I blamed God for everything that happened to me, if he loved me why would he do this to me? why would he allow something like this to happen to me? why me? I didn't know any better, I was lost and broken.
      To make things worse this disease also brought on another disease and from there I just felt weaker. This second disease was, early onset Osteoporosis. My bone density was so low for a 25 year old that I had to be put on medications that I would be taking for the rest of my life. I had chronic back pain and later found out from an x-Ray taken in 2012 that I had a back fracture. My back literally broke from just walking around and doing daily activities because my bones were that brittle at the age of 25. Come to find out my bone problem was actually my first disease, but was only fully recognized because of the ovarian failure disease. So not only my ovaries failed, so did my bones, I was 25 going on 85. The devil was attaching me and I didn't even know it. I was put on multiple medications, I was drinking, doing drugs, and trying any possible way to mask the pain I was feeling, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. I pretty much gave up on myself. I even started seeing a therapist, which is something I said I would never do because it was a sign of weakness to me.
      This was my life for about 7 months until February 2016 when I attended my first For You Life teaching taught by Mrs. Jolene and that is when my life changed forever! I learned so much about diseases, and how to get rid of those diseases. I learned about generation curses and Forgiveness. I learned more about myself, and how to keep walking with God in my authority and not with the enemy. Satan creates disease not father God. God created life and life abundantly! God did not intended for our lives to be filled with disease. I never knew what to expect going into this teaching, I was scared. The very first day of the teaching is when I was healed! After I learned about how bone, back and ovary problems are caused, I got rid of those disease once and for all!! I had chronic back pain every single day, always complaining, always taking medications and after day one of the teaching I have had absolutely NO pain and have taken absolutely NO medications! To go from a fractured back one day, to absolutely no pain or medication the very next day was because of the blessing and healings of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!
      About 2 weeks after the teaching I made a doctors appointment to talk about medications. Without my doctor knowing that I had taken myself off the medications, they drew blood to see how my hormone balance was. A few days after the appointment I got a call from the doctor saying that my body's hormones are at normal level where they are supposed to be and the medications are working! That is when I told her I had not been taking the medications for 2-3 weeks! Not only did I know I was healed, but the doctors just confirmed for me my healing due to those blood test coming back not only normal, but she used the word PERFECT! I have been medicine and pain free since February and I am blessed, happy, and healthy! I have been to two more teachings since then and have been delivered and set free from other stubborn bandages that were trying to hold me back. Jolene can't get rid of me now!! I thank u Jolene for coming into my life and changing it for the better! I know now that it was all in Gods plan for my life to be healed! He puts the desires in our hearts for a reason, so now I know without a doubt I WILL have my very own family one day  :) Children are a blessing from God, and I will receive those blessing on his time. God had to fix me first before I could bring his children into this world as my own. God loves me so much that he brought me out of the rubble I was living in. I was spiritual blinded before and now I am thankful that I can see! My future is bright and I am living every day for Jesus! I can officially say I am very content and loving life right now! Thank you once again to Jolene and A Heart of Forgiveness Ministry for saving my life! I love you all!!!

Crystal Everette -- Healing of Back and Ovary Failure
March 2016

      Hi Jolene!!! How are you?! Just wanted to share a few of my praises with you! The first night of the teaching in Ruidoso, I had prayed healing over my back and with casting out fear and other spiritual roots leading to back pain I knew I was healed, and sure enough I have had absolutely NO pain! Hallelujah praise Jesus!! Also I had prayed healing and through belief, faith and KNOWING that my ovary failure diagnosis is no longer true! I made an appointment with my doctor so that I can have my medication doses lowered or eventually be taken off of them and without having taken the medications for 2 weeks my lab tests came back not only normal but they used the word PERFECT!! I am beyond thankful to my father God for the healing of my body! And also thanks to you for all that you taught me! I wouldn't be where I am today without you and without God putting you in my life! I have not had a bad day since the teaching.  I feel I'm just getting stronger and there's no turning back! Only moving forward with the lord! I have been obedient to my lord and he has blessed me!
      My sister recently asked if I wanted to go to the Del Rio teaching with her and the Riggs and I wasn't sure whether to go or stay and work, so I prayed and asked God to show me a sign if he wanted me to go. Well last night at work I ended up meeting and talking with a woman who recently got diagnosed with the same diagnosis that I HAD and after I told her how the teaching had changed my life and I am healed, she now wants to go! This made me so happy that God used me to help save another life and free them from sin! God answered my prayer about the teaching and I know the teaching is in 2 weeks but I'm just curious if she still has time to fill out the intake form and send in the payment?! Not only am I going to bring her but TWO other friends want to go!! They can't wait until you come here as they want to be taught and be free NOW!! I told them all I would go with them for comfort and to be by their sides! So if you can just give me a little more information so I can relate it all back to them! Yeah! God is great! I always wanted to be a nurse to save a life and instead of medically saving a life, God is using me to save souls instead and I couldn't be happier!
      I love you! And hope to see you soon and have you meet my three friends!

Lisa Love -- Healed of Ovarian tumor,  Schizophrenia
April 2015
     The “For Your Life” Teaching in Ruidoso, NM, April 11-14, 2015 is going to be the third full length teaching held by Jolene McCord that I am attending.
     The first one I attended was only a two day teaching; however during this time I was healed of an ovarian tumor caused by me entertaining unclean spirits, along with spirits of rejection, self-hatred and self-bitterness that I either agreed to on my own or had been born with thorough ‘Generational Curses (Iniquities)’.
     At the last “For Your Life” Teaching held in Ruidoso, NM in 2014 I was delivered from over a ‘Legion of Demons.’  This journey for my “Freedom” is continuing to separate me from the chains of my ‘Ancestral Curses’ and of my own self.  It is an everyday, minute by minute battle!
    I was ‘Schizophrenia’ hearing hundreds of voices in my head.  Years prior if not for the “Grace of God” I would have been committed to a psychiatric ward because of a physical manifestation of a demon through me.
     Another Conquered Amen!” is I no longer have demons clawing, biting or scratching me.  One particular demon of self-hatred left actual visual claw marks, using its callous burning claws.
     “Another Monumental Victory” was I was being able to break the ‘Ancestral Curses’ of self-hatred, self-rejection, guilt, double-mindedness and a fabricated personality along with denial and drivenness, which leads to Alzheimer’s.
     I have learned that any emotion, feeling or thought such as fear, anxiety, anger, stress, self-hatred, pride, guilt, envy, gossip, bitterness, condemning, judging and etc… are ‘Live Spirits’ from Satan’s kingdom and with them come all the curses of all disease.  If you get rid of the demons you get rid of the disease!
     The key that locks these demons back up is “Forgiveness of Others and of Yourself” by using the ‘True Knowledge of the Word’ and how to properly use and apply it along with the “Grace and Righteousness of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ” who has ‘Conquered All Things,’ including cancer!
     Through these teachings taught by Jolene McCord, I now know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (The Godhead) and the power they have given us over the enemy; I have received the “Truth of Fathers Love” and how “HE” desperately wants to touch and heal “HIS” most cherished and loved creation… US!


Testimonies from those that have attended a FOR YOUR LIFE

These testimonies are to give you hope and encouragement. 

Acts 10:34 (ASV) 34  And Peter opened his mouth and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: 

More testimonies can be viewed at  I AM CHANGED


Revelation 12:11  And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony...

FROM JOLENE: I pray that these stories will build your confidence in the Lord, that He heals today just as He did in the time of Jesus, and that many times the very thing that we are asking Him to heal us of, we are blocking it by our sin issues.  Those sin issues are usually tied into unforgiveness. ​A couple of years ago,  I had the privilege of ministering to a large family, of which there were 3 generations in the room, while I gave my testimony and talked on the subject of forgiveness, and how it is not a feeling, but a decision.  As I was talking a grandmother,  the mother of the father of the baby, was walking around holding a 4 or 5 month baby that cried all of the time.  The baby seemed to get louder when I was trying to get a point across to the Lord’s precious saints.  This became pretty annoying, and under my breath I asked God to help me with this situation and quiet down the baby.  That is when the Lord spoke in my spirit that I knew what was behind the baby crying, and why it cried every night and why the parents looked so tired.  ​So I stopped, and asked if the baby was sick?  The mother teared up and said that the baby had not slept a full night since she came home, and neither had she.  The father walked over to the grandmother and took the baby, and said that the doctor said that she had colic. (often times colic is just the first step in a child’s life of more auto immune things like asthma and gastro intestinal problems and many allergies) My knowledge from Be In Health, and A More Excellent Way, led me to know exactly why this baby had colic.  The gift of the Holy Spirit in me of discernment led me to help this baby and to set this family free.  It was nothing that I did, but everything that the Lord led me to do for them.  I had to step out and trust God that He would lead me in all things of righteousness, due to Him loving these people even more than I did. ​I said, ”This baby has fear of abandonment.”  The dad got red in the face and told me that he would never leave his children, and that she could not have a spirit.  The mother began to cry and asked if there was any way to help the baby.  I replied, “That all things were possible with God for those that believed.”  Mark 10:27 (ASV) 27  Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for all things are possible with God.  I told them that I could see that the baby did not have any cause as far as anyone could see to have fear of abandonment, however, the problem remains that she does.  The father at the moment was a little huffed at me to say the least, and then the Holy Spirit gave me a Word of knowledge about the mother.  I asked the mother if she had fear of her husband leaving her with two children to raise.  (this couple had another little girl that was 2-3 years old.)  The mother began to really cry then.  She said yes and that it was so strong she would stay up at night playing out different scenarios of how he would leave.  In her imagination, the enemy had given her all of the thoughts that she was fat and unattractive now that she had had another baby.  None of these thoughts were true.  But she was worn out and that is when the enemy really attacks us.  So I explained to her that Paul told us to cast down out wild imaginations.  2 Corinthians 10:5 (KJV) 5  Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;    I then asked the mother if she had ever been abandoned before?  Had one of her parents ever made her feel abandoned? ( I was not accusing the parents, but one of them may not have met her spiritual needs as a child and she had felt like they did not care.)  The mother of the baby began to cry even more and told me that she did not know her father, and her mother had really abused her and her mother was a drug addict.  So there we had it; the fear of abandonment that she had was passed down to her child.  Exodus 20:5-6 (ASV) 5  Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them, for I Jehovah thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, upon the third and upon the fourth generation of them that hate me, 6  and showing lovingkindness unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments. ​ ​You might be thinking here that this woman did not have an idol so how could that be passed down to her child………  when we are operating in fear, we are honoring another kingdom.  God demands FAITH!  Fear and faith both demand to be fulfilled, but they are from 2 different kingdoms.  2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) 7  For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. The next thing to do was to minister to the parents.  I felt that the child would be healed if the parents came into agreement with the Word of God.  So I had the parents face each other and speak to each other in their eyes, words of love and the young man made an oath to his wife that he loved her and that he would never leave her, and that he would never abandon the children.  She spoke the same words to her husband.  Then I had the mother forgive her mother, who was not there, and her father for never being there for her, and ask God to forgive her for her resentment towards her parents and the unforgiveness that she had carried all these years.  She then had to forgive herself, and repent for her fears, especially of the spirit of fear of abandonment.  The Lord led me to then cast out of her the spirit of unforgiveness, resentment, and fears.  (During this time, I had bound the spirit of fear of abandonment in the baby and muted it, so that we could get through the ministry. I could do this once the spirit was identified.) ​The father then picked up his baby and looked her in the eyes, and spoke these words. “I love you Mary.  I am proud of you Mary.  I am never going to leave you Mary. And there is nothing that you can ever do to make me not love you. I am so happy that you were born.”  At that moment the baby began to smile.  Then I had the young mother say the same thing face to face to the baby.  The baby cooed and smiled again. After that the father stood behind the mother with his arms around the mother and also holding to the baby and he spoke love over both of them.  The last thing that the Holy Spirit had me do, was to hold the baby and have her witness, along with her toddler sister, the love spoken between her parents.  So the parents spoke the words of love to each other in front of the witnessing children. I asked the father if he was ready to take authority over what was tormenting his baby and his family, and he said YES! So he told the spirit of fear of abandonment that it had no foothold in his family anymore and to leave by the authority of the name of Jesus.  ​The next day the parents called me and said that the baby slept for 6 hours that night, and that she was totally peaceful.  A few months later the mother called and said that the baby was totally healed of colic, and that every night her and her husband would sit with the two children and tell them how much that they loved them and were proud of them, and that they would never leave them, and that soon they would be speaking this over three children, because she was pregnant again.  Praise God!

         I sent out this teaching last year, and several people have contacted me recently asking me to pray for their children and babies.  They try to explain that their baby has sinus or allergies due to the seasons.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  Their baby has fear of rejection or abandonment coming from their mother or father, and is not being nurtured by the parent!  Parents are allowing day cares to raise their children, and not developing their children spiritually.  Fear is a Sin!  Worry is a SIN! Here is one of the testimonies from when I sent out this teaching last year: Thanks once again Jolene, for sharing such a powerful testimony of God's freedom when we know how to recognize spiritual roots...I identify with the spirit of abandonment in my own life and still have many issues of fear around it. Thanks again for your willingness to minister and share God's testimony of freedom in your own life.I forwarded your e-mail to all five of my grown children...my oldest daughter, who had colic as a baby, responded that she too needed to share with her six boys the testimony as her second born son , who had colic as a baby, digestion problems also.  She said one of the things that brought her to tears was love between the husband and wife after being ministered to. In Christ's love, ​Suzanne

 Linda Veselka -- Web Administrator

     The testimonies I've read here show how life changing attending a For Your Life "teaching" can be. Actually, calling it a "teaching" is a mis-nomer, but it is hard to know what to really call it. It is a program of many hours of intense teaching and ministry to bring healing to the spirit, soul, and body. Each class builds upon the previous class (teaching), precept upon precept, building a foundation that leads the person into a renewing of the mind, spirit and body to bring lasting healing. It is an intense amount of teaching to absorb in a few days and may seem like a tremendous time commitment to you, but it can accomplish in those few days what could take you a year or more to accomplish on your own. Some have been diagnosed with diseases that the medical profession says has no cure, that are looking forward to a life of "disease management", and in these cases, on your own, they may never see healing.
     If you are dealing with any "issues", the most important thing you can do for your future, is make it a priority to attend. If you work, then take 3 days of vacation time and attend. God will honor your sacrifice and your life will never be the same. Why settle for a mediocre life, when God has provided for you to have a "more excellent way"?